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TI:.Robots Unleashed-RD2011 TI:.Robots Unleashed-RD2011

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The bass is stellar...

It's so crisp and flows like liquid metal, and the riffs are huge and sweeping, but the files in remix packs are meant for remixes only. You and xKore will know what I'm talking about. Don't be lazy, you should make the percussion for each song from scratch so it suits the song better, what you've done is unforgivable! Overall and 8/10 but minus 5 points for shameless, uncredited use of xKores samples. Sorry man :L

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TIMarbury responds:

As i said in the description i made this really quick for robot day which is 2morrow. I liked how the drum pattern worked for the song overall as it is a headbanger. If i wanted to make my own percussion i could of. I know i am capable of doing so and you know i can make it myself also. I will change the description and give him credit and i'll make my own percussion when i go back and put more time into the track. Sorry if it offended you, i'll add that i used an xKore drum loop in the description. In fact i think 2day i will try and change the percussion just because i don't want people to take away from the song. Thanks for the honestly though.

TI:.Brutal Bass TI:.Brutal Bass

Rated 5 / 5 stars


First of all, thanks for the review on my track, it means a lot :D

Now onto the review of your track :) The fact that the piano holds water without any other instruments shows how nicely the reverb/sustain has been tweaked. The gradual introducing of stabs and pads is very grand and floaty, and when the wobble comes in, which whilst being filth, it really gives the intro a nice "step", emphasized by the crisp percussion. Both the drops make very good use of the epic melody that was introduced in the intro. I particularly like the brutal trance lead in the break, as it adds a nice twist to the otherwise completely dubstep-y tune. Overall, a very grand and sweeping tune. Good luck in the competition =3

TIMarbury responds:

wow thanks a lot for the review. a great one i must say. really broke down the track for me better than i could have haha. Good luck to you as well :D! I agree with you pretty spot on as well. You got a good ear to hear all that stuff that i added in.

(JK)-Devolution of Sound (JK)-Devolution of Sound

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Almost brilliant...

It has such a brilliant, moving, dynamic set of synths, but it is completely let down by the weak, over-reverbed snare. Everything else is of such a high standard, but you've overlooked probably the most important part of ANY electronic snare - the percussion. It just lacked the soul and punchiness that is meant to back this kind of song. Please, remaster the drums and you'll be on to a winner! :)

bob6294 responds:

Haha. Yeah, I very much had trouble with the snare sound. I was always debating on which sounds to use and mix and how loud they should be and stuff.
I'll try editting it and changing it up before too many people get to listen to it~
Thank you! I'm glad you liked most of it~

xKore - UMAD? wip xKore - UMAD? wip

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Smashed it again....

The thing that really impresses me in this song is the incredible detail. There are so man y sounds, and each and every one ducks and weaves around the main high end synth in a way that gives the song an incredible fullness which creates an irresistible head nod sound. I am truly amazed.

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xKore - unf xKore - unf

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pure musical genius

That stuttering synth introduced the dreamy feel-good vibe from the start, is backed up an immersing stereo panning stab that seems to circle around your head, the sampling is so perfectly repetitive that you can't help put play it over and over in your head once the song has finished, the main beat is so full, but not overwhelming, and it gives the song a hefty punch...a certain "unf". You continue to amaze me with every song, Matt, and I can only hope that you keep making tunes and that one day I am as good as you at what you do. Peace bro :D

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